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Top 5 Reason's She is Avoiding Sex with You

Here are the most common barriers to why a woman will avoid #sex with you. I share this under the assumption you are intelligent enough to take action on the Intel you gain here. If you need help taking action, be wise enough to get help and let me hold you accountable inside the #SemenRetention Army.​

Top 5 Reasons She Avoids Sex With You:

  • She is too stressed out - When a woman holds tension in her body her sex drive will diminish. Look at what causes her stress in her life and start to take as many of those things away. (example: Help with the dishes and cleaning the house so she doesn't have to stress about it)

  • Her emotional needs are not being met - as men it is too easy for us to overlook the fact that a woman's needs are much different then our own. It is your job to learn how to supply her with her emotional needs and she will gladly reciprocate in the ways you enjoy. Fail to do this and things will sizzle out real fast.

  • She doesn't like sex with you - this is a painful one for the man's ego but must be addressed. The funny part is it is the easiest one to fix as you can learn a few techniques that will have her shaking and squirting uncontrollably. (if you are into that kind of thing)

  • You are not the leader in the relationship or in the bedroom - women are attracted to men who take charge and make things happen, both in and outside the bedroom. If you become wussie and beg too much for things instead of leading the way, she will not trust you enough to let her mental guards down and fully surrender to you.

  • She is not confident in her body or her sexuality - many women in this age are very insecure and, depending on their culture, may feel very uncomfortable with sexuality. As a man, it is your job to re-ignite her feminine, fall in love with her body so she can too and help her discover her feminine sexual power. To do this you will have to be a secure man and deal with your own jealousy and limiting beliefs around sex.

The practice of semen retention will train you to become a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom. To be a man who gets things done, leads and can love freely is a man who is deeply connected with himself. The sexual alchemy practices I teach inside the army will have you connected to yourself and lover in a whole new way... enjoy! ​​



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