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What is Sexual Alchemy and how does it help you in your life?

#SexualAlchemy is the ability to take your primal sexual urges and transform them into fuel for success on all levels.

Level 1 - The Physical Level

Sexual Alchemy techniques ​​​​show you how to give up porn, stop masturbating and retain your vital fluids and energy.

It will help you stop premature ejaculation, help reverse erectile dysfunction​ and give you the techniques to perform like a king in the bedroom

Level 2 - Mental/Emotional

As you practice #semenretention & #nofap for long periods of time, anxiety, low-self esteem, weakness of willpower fade away and be replaced with confidence, great self-image and a willpower so strong that you will be able to defeat any negative habits you want.

Your mind will be clear and when you decide to get a result, there will be no stopping you.​

Level 3 - Spiritual

As your semen is refined into spiritual energy and begins to flow upwards in your body, your aura will develop.

As you continue to practice the lifestyle you will become so sensitive to your own energy that you will stop identifying ​​​​​​​​​with the bodily conception of life and become fully conscious of your true identity as an eternal spirit. ​

Whether you want to attain the highest levels of spiritual realizations or you want to rock the bedroom, sexual alchemy is your path to success.

My course, Become A Sexual Alchemist is now on sale for 50% off. Open registration closes ​​on March 21st with this discount and will not open again until June.​​

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.


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