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What kind of victim are you?

Did I just call you a victim? I did... because the reality is we ALL act like victims sometimes. I am not talking about the real harsh stuff like being rear-ended in a car accident. What I am speaking of is how you play the victim role in your interpersonal relationships. We have all had our hearts-broken, whether it was someone who betrayed your trust or a friend who let you down. Did you know that these hurts and pains, if not properly processed, are also hurting your other relationships. If you carry pain within your heart, that pain will not only be directed towards the person who hurt you, but all other people including yourself. It is not so obvious sometimes, that is why it is important to recognize the 3 faces of victim-hood. The more you can see these qualities in yourself the easier it will be to release them. What are the 3 faces of victim-hood? Persecutor - people feel like the victims of a harsh world… and may lash out to defend themselves before others can hurt them. Rescuer - people feel like the "helper" or "caretaker"... they try to rescue others to feel valued. But often at their own expense. Victim - This is the final role. As victims, people feel like they are powerless, broken and intrinsically flawed. Your work is to notice when you are playing the roll of one of these victims and use the sexual alchemy techniques I teach to release yourself of these negative tendencies. Be conscious, often we feel justified in our victim-hood until we realize the truth, playing the victim is weak-minded and non-beneficial to yourself and all those you come in contact with. During my upcoming webinar, Sex Mastery 101, I will be demonstrating several Sexual Alchemy techniques that will release these limiting beliefs and patterns within your system. If you want to be a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom, you MUST let go of any patterns of victim-hood.

Keep improving, keep growing, Nakula Das


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