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As men, we tend to think. "I got this, I can do this on my own." Unfortunately, as a man you have been taught by the media, social constructs and overall shitty education that being a man means showing no emotion and not asking for help. Did you know that suicide rates among men are way higher than women? More men these days are feeling lost, without community and alone. More and more men are turning to porn, OnlyFans, cam girls and other destructive habits to try and get a sense of connection. These companies also know this about you and are exploiting you! They are turning your natural biological urges against you to make bank while your life force gets diminished. Do you know the one thing that can change all this? Vulnerability! Vulnerability opens the space for true and genuine connection, which is what we are all seeking. Men who want to master the semen retention and nofap lifestyle must also embrace a life of vulnerability. This can be the scariest part of the journey, but for those men who choose to humble themselves and open their hearts, magic is waiting for you.

Here are 5 mistakes men are making when it comes to semen retention, take a look at the list and be vulnerable... which ones are you doing?

  • not addressing other bad habits - If you fail to address the other bad habits, like too much video games or Netflix, drugs/alcohol use and porn consumption, semen retention will be nearly impossible.

  • going at it alone - I get it, you are a strong man who don't need no help. Bullsh*t! Why go through anything alone, strength is found in positive community.

  • thinking relapsing is a sign of failure - I hear this all the time, I relapsed. Honestly, I think this is one of the most destructive ways to approach this lifestyle. After years of training your body to ejaculate consistently, you should be celebrating each day without ejaculation and fapping as a win. If you ejaculate, do it guilt free, then keep going.

  • not admitting the extent of your addiction to porn/masturbation - how do you know if you addicted to porn or masturbation? Try stopping and see what happens. If you can't, your mind is occupied with sex or you find yourself picking up your phone to swipe, or your hands are moving towards your package often... the pattern is deeply engraved and will need to be retrained.

  • only going surface deep on the subject matter - Knowledge is potential power. Applied knowledge is actual power. The more you know how and why semen retention and nofap works the better you will do. Don't watch one video and think you know it all, the master knows there is no such thing as mastery.

If you want to acquire more knowledge, learn to become vulnerable and master the semen retention lifestyle my upcoming training is for you. Click the link below to get all details of the online training event and register.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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