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Why 99% of your Affirmations Don't Work

Affirmations are great, they are like downloading a new software onto your computer. What happens if you download a new software onto a beat up or worn out computer? The software in it's packaging is perfect in all ways and when operated at full capacity will change the game. However, when that same software is downloaded onto a worn out hard-drive, it will not be able to run its full capabilities. Depending how worn out the hard-drive, you may not even be able to download the software at all or many of it's capabilities will not work. Affirmations, visions boards and goals are like new software, they are amazing only when you have the right hardware to use them. What is you hardware? It is your physical body. If you have been abusing your body with too much porn, constant ejaculation and other forms of self abuse, like over-eating, junk-food, too much social media and excessive drugs and alcohol, your new and awesome software will not take because the hardware system is worn out and beat up. What is the solution to this? Upgrade your hardware! How do you upgrade your hardware? The number 1 way is semen retention and nofap. As your semen is reabsorbed back into your body, it will circulate the best proteins, enzymes, nutrients and other building blocks to repair you at a cellular level. As your cells repair and you gain an excess of energy, your hardware will be upgraded. It's like going from the old Nokia phone to the latest iPhone. As you upgrade you will notice your affirmations, visions, dreams and goals all become clear and all it's capabilities in the form of new ideas, intelligence, connections, actions and inspiration turn on. If you want to upgrade your system through semen retention lifestyle but aren't sure how to get started or you keep relapsing , then contact me and let's book a free 1 on 1 consultation. On this consultation we will see where you are on your journey and you will leave with an active game plan to upgrade your hardware. I have helped men all around the world become masters at semen retention and sex mastery, let me help you too.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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