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Why you should NEVER EJACULATE in the morning

Morning wood is awesome! I take it as a sign of a healthy sex drive. Unfortunately most guys take it as a sign of permission to masturbate. ​ ​​Whether your mind is running wild about that girl you met last night or porn fills the screen of your phone, when you fall into "the morning ejaculation routine", you are starting your day off in energetic depletion. Sex energy is creative energy. Imagine if that energy wasn't wasted, but preserved within you to be used throughout the day. This creative and powerful energy becomes the fuel behind all your actions. Because sex energy is within you, your work will become more attractive as the creative qualities of imagination, determination, passion and focus all increase. This is the main principal of sexual transmutation as explained by Famous Success author Napoleon Hill. Sexual Alchemy is an active process of turning raw semen stored up within the body and consciously using it's energy for creative power and evolution. Sexual Alchemy is a hardware upgrade of your physical system. As your system upgrades so does your mental capacities. Emotional strength and IQ along with mental sharpness and focus will enhance all areas of your life, both in and outside the bedroom. ​​​​​ ​So in summary... Don't Waste Your Morning Wood... Use That Energy Throughout the Day and You Will Perform Better In All Tasks ​​​​​​​​

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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