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"Won't Semen Retention Give Me Blue Balls?"

Soldiers, I get this question often.

Today I am going to address it directly, and share with you how to avoid the dreaded blue balls.

Men around the world instinctively want to avoid blue balls for the obvious reason, its uncomfortable or painful.

So now the big question, doesn't practicing semen retention give you blue balls?

The answer is both yes & no

Yes, semen retention can give you blue balls if you are not transmuting that energy and using it.

The reason why most men fail at semen retention or nofap is because they only understand the subject at a very surface level. They believe the way to practice this lifestyle is by willpower only.

If you are simply retaining without making positive lifestyle changes, meaning you are playing endless hours of video games, watching Netflix, eating bad and using drugs/alcohol frequently, you will most likely have 1 of these 2 results. (or both)

1. You will last a week or two on SR (if that) and then fall right back into jerking off, watching porn and it will be impossible to have non-ejaculatory sex and experience the bliss of non-ejaculatory orgasms.

2. You retain for longer periods of time and you become sexually frustrated, irritable, angry and experience painful blue balls.

All of these are symptoms of stagnant energy!

So what can be done about this?

Simple answer... Sexual Alchemy

When the ancient mystics, yogis and wise-men discovered the power of retention, they had much different lifestyles than we do today.

They were much more active and therefor stronger. They also understood that this energy must be moved from the lower center in your body to the higher centers.

In my years of practicing this lifestyle, I have only got blue balls once.

This was at the beginning when I was over doing the practice of edging and was still a rookie at running energy up the micro-cosmic orbit.

The reason I don't get blue balls is I opened my energy body and learned to run energy around my body, I created an active lifestyle and do regular dopamine detoxes.

The less you are using external stimulants the more you will become a positive proactive man.

As you draw the energy, or electricity, produced by your semen and use it to fuel your evolution and growth,blue balls will be a thing of the past.

If you want to learn about the practices of sexual alchemy and avoid blue balls, jump on my schedule and book a 30 minute free consultation.

On that consultation I will share with you 2 techniques to avoid blue balls (or get rid of them) and well chat about the process of sexual alchemy.

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