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Your 2 WORST Enemies

If you are serious about semen retention and gaining the massive benefits of this lifestyle, you're going to find this email useful.


I've been reading/listening to a lot of personal development material recently when I came across a book from Brian Tracy.

He's one my favorite 'self-help gurus' - smart guy and makes a lot of sense.

Most of what he talks about is leaning in the financial direction, but a lot of the psychological principles he shares directly applies to any goal you set to achieve.

Here's an example (taken out of his book 'Maximum Achievement'):


"You must be willing to let go of the old person in order to become the new person. You must be willing to stop doing certain things, even if your friends disapprove, in order to start doing the things that are consistent with the new you.

You must overcome the twin obstacles of homeostasis and psychosclerosis of the comfort zone and of inflexible thinking."


This is 100% accurate, there is no growth without conquering these 2 enemies.

And if you've been reading my stuff for any length of time, the word "homeostasis" is probably familiar.

Homeostasis is simply your body's desire to NOT change. People who fail to overpower this force simply get stuck in the "comfort zone".

In the world of semen retention, men get stuck because they lack the desire and training to overcome their comfort zone

But you HAVE TO change on a deep level if you want to truly achieve your greatest dreams.

Whether your dream is to one day have a beautiful wife walking down the beach with you on your honeymoon, whilst looking down and seeing the physique of your dreams.

Or it's to be capable of providing for your family in a way that aligns with your vision.

Or perhaps, its being able to walk up to a woman (or anyone) with confidence and charisma, without having a full blown panic attack.

The first step is often to STOP doing certain things, before you are able to START doing certain things.

Pornography is a classic example.

How on earth are you going to retain your semen while watching porn and jerking off everyday?

How on earth are you going to make more money, improve your health and have an awesome relationship when your depleted of energy and controlled by your vices?

You won't, that's the honest answer!

This is the reason most people get stuck in the comfort zone. They want the comfort more than they want the change.

So my overall message with this email is that you are going to have to stop doing certain things if you want to make some serious changes this year. That's the harsh reality.

Your ticket to the next level in your life is self-control, there is no getting around this.

As your self-control improves you START doing the right things and building some powerful momentum.

Speaking of discipline, the Semen Retention Army is now open for registration.

This is going to be your best bet for making serious changes to your life in 2022 and beyond!

I WILL help you change on a deep level.

With access to training videos, a support group, direct access to myself for questions and accountability, you will be fully equipped to leave those negative habits behind and enter into the world of growth and expansion.

Each support group, which we call battalions, have 10 men inside. We have opened a new group, 3 spots have been taken already. We are opening registration for the next 7 men who take action.

I always like to reward action takers, so use use the coupon code: 50Off to receive 50% off the registration. (payment plans are also available so stop making money an excuse)

How much longer are you going to waste your life before you are willing to invest in yourself?

Click the link below to learn more about the army and register. If you have questions, reply to this email to connect with me directly.

Your General & Well-Wisher, Nakula Das


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