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Your body has ATOMIC energy in it

When you ejaculate, you are sending 2 to 5 hundred million (200,000,000 - 500,000,000) individual sperm cells to go forth and bring life into material existence.  You have the power to populate the United States of America in one shot. That is some serious power and intelligence in your balls. When you build and cultivate your sex energy, and then direct it upwards through your body, you are also sending the creative intelligence that brought life into existence with it.   Think about it, your sperm is the life giving seed in this material world.  When you practice semen retention, you are not only retaining the physical benefits, but also the subtle intelligence that goes with it. Through the practice of meditation, you can direct your imagination towards a particular outcome.  This subtle intelligence begins to communicate with the super-conscious mind that arranges the situations, circumstances, people and experiences of your life. This process is happening right now, and has been happening all your life.  It's just for most guys, it's happening at an unconscious level. As more sex energy is transmuted into your body, the more aware you become of this infinite intelligence which is always acting in your life.   Couple this awareness with energy cultivation and control techniques and you will become a warlock within a year.   This is what you learn how to do when you become a Sexual Alchemist. If you want to start practicing like a wizard and learning the techniques of sexual alchemy, join me for a free 90 minute intensive training happening this Saturday at 1pm EST. A recording will be sent out if you cannot make it live afterwards.  Click the link below to register.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time. Nakula


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