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If your reading this email then you are at least intelligent enough to educate yourself on the benefits of #semenretention & #nofap.

(unfortunately, many will dismiss this information as bullsh*t)

It is not an easy journey, if you are anything like me, you discovered masturbation at an early age and from the first nut, it's been a free for all for close to two decades.

Stopping this deep rooted habit is not going to happen over night, so patience and consistent reminders, affirmations and practices will be needed.

I don't know how you came to semen retention & nofap. (let me know how & why you discovered this by leaving a comment below, it helps me develop relevant content for you)

I was introduced to the concept of #sex transmutation through the book, Think & Grow Rich. While I am forever grateful for the teachings from #NapoleonHill, he never explains how to do it, he just explains it's importance and why it works.

Because I am married and have lived a very sexual life, I knew celibacy was also not for me, at least not at this point in my life. This left me feeling stuck, like there was no hope for a guy like me to ever get the benefits of semen retention.

But once again, our all loving creator never fails to produce something that would help.

This is when I discovered the practices of Sexual Kung Fu which originate from the Toaist masters and certain sects of #yoga. They understand the subject very deeply and had compassion for men like me and you who were never trained in sexuality or given an real education around sex control.

Don't do what I did, which was waste years of my life (and life force) trying to stop simply by my own willpower. When I discovered these practices, I committed to myself that I would become a master at the semen retention lifestyle.

When you want to master something, you don't dabble, you go all out. I know from my business coaching days that the best way to get results is to train with someone who already has the results.

I put my money where my heart was and invested in a mentor and training so I could learn these techniques to be able to please my wife physically, while retaining my semen for all it's benefits.

What I spent years trying to do on my own, within a few months I was able to accomplish.

This is why I put together the Become A Sexual Alchemist training program. I have taken the techniques my mentor taught me and filmed over 50 training videos so you can master this lifestyle.

Not only did I save a ton of time, and therefor money, in wasted hours and porn distraction, I left a corporate job that was draining my soul and my #spiritual #consciousness has been expanding like never before.

I have been running a 35% discount on all payment options for this training program to support #NoNutNovember. That is available with coupon code: NONUT.

In addition to the 35% off I will add another 35% off for Black Friday. (Friday Nov 27th)

Use the coupon code BlackFriday2020 and save 70% off the course. This coupon will only be available on November 27th 2020.

After November I will be closing registration for the rest of year.

It's up to you, will you take action or let another year go wasting your time and precious life force.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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